Transit Campaign - San Diego Comic Con

This past summer I went to my first comic book convention in Philadelphia with my fiancé and her five-year-old son who has gotten into drawing comic characters. It was pretty cool seeing all the art there. One day after that I sat down to draw with him and started an idea I had for Spider-Man. I decided to turn it into a transit campaign to promote the San Diego Comic Convention, so I finished inking the piece and colored it in Photoshop. I took the logo for the convention and added the rest of the information in Bold Helvetica to finish off the poster. *All artwork is original.

First, I needed some hand references. My hands were the closest to me at the time, so I decided to use them.
After a quick light sketch I began to ink.
I decided to add a couple spiders.
The final inked illustration. I had fun drawing the web with white-out.
The final colored illustration with additional information.
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