CD Design - Purple Monkeys

This album was a personal project 14 years in the making. In my senior year of high-school I wrote a silly song called Purple Monkeys and recorded it a couple years later when I started teaching myself music production. For years I pictured myself making a shirt with a monkey on the front and lyrics on the back but never got around to it. For 14 years I had the image in my head what these monkeys would look like and decided to finally put it down on paper. I decided to make a “single” out of this project and designed a cd jacket. I’ve always loved awesome album art, something that is unfortunately getting lost or diminished in this digital age of music. Rather than make a booklet I made a fold out insert that would display the lyrics and text on one side, and just a panel of artwork on the other. I drew the rough sketch digitally and printed it in non-photo blue on Bristol board. I then inked it with brush, nib, and rapidograph pens, scanned it and colored it in Photoshop. This was such a fun project. I’ve always liked making cd jackets and have done so a number of times for personal projects over the years – this being the one I am most proud of. *All artwork is original.

After printing out the rough sketch in blueline on bristol board, I began inking it with a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.
And continued inking with a nib brush to get some different textures.
Beginning the linework for the buildings with some rapidograph pens.
The final inked linework.
The final image colored in Adobe Photoshop.
The final product.
I documented the digital coloring process in a sped-up video.
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